Zorica Purlija — Portraits

Posted on March 24, 2012

National Photographic Portrait Prize finalist, Zorica Purlija shares some fantastic portraiture with us.

Love, Beauty, and Truth are concurrent themes in my work. Vulnerability, melancholia and innocence interweave the images. Natural light is my chosen illuminance and the essence of the individual is my goal.
I like The Expressionists in Art History, where “the inner conflict of the sitter is reflected in the image, and we see directly beyond the mask into the soul.
Intuition, insight and transcendence were the hallmarks of painters and writers to whom the purpose of art was to make manifest a new, higher, transfigured reality, this was Expressionism.” Munch believed the true subject is usually an inner one, the unattainable. These are the things I hope to achieve, using the photographic medium.

Zorica Purlija studied graphic design and photography at The University of Western Sydney.

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