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Zoe Weber — Recent Work

Posted on July 24, 2012

Zoe Weber investigates the primal concerns of food, sex and death through her photography.

Zoe Weber is a photographic artist from Sydney, based in New York. Her work sits on the periphery of repulsion and attraction, and comments on the three primal human concerns — food, sex, and death. It invades the subject and viewer, simultaneously provoking fear; and the sublime, through the beauty of the sexual and maternal female.
Much of Zoe’s work deals with the ‘Abject'; which theorises our fear of the inside of our bodies becoming outside, and our clean and natural self being disrupted. More specifically, the abject identifies our horror of the things which seep from our skin; bodily fluids such as sweat, semen, blood, and saliva, and their dominance over our sense of order and beauty.
Within her work, Zoe constructs a space in which exactly that happens, the terror of our human waste consumes us, whilst also drawing us closer and closer to a sense of euphoria.

Zoe Weber studied Photo Media at Sydney College of Arts.

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