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Yvonne Yiwen Feng — Recent Works

Posted on June 13, 2012

Yvonne Yiwen Feng draws on the sensuality and movement of the female body during lovemaking to create her images.

I make drawings from images of sexual postures to establish the initial direction of my work, as the sensuality and movement that the female body displays in lovemaking goes hand in hand with my interest in gestural mark-making. This interest in mark-making and the metaphorical imaginary space also has its origin in traditional Chinese ink-wash paintings. Exploring the tension between figuration and abstraction is central in my practice. My recent paintings inquire into the idea of transforming concrete images into painterly forms that convey atmosphere and sensuality. When abstraction gradually takes over the pictorial clues, the painting opens up a stage that anticipates happenings and adventures, which is a space that the viewers can project their feelings and imaginations.

Yvonne Yiwen Feng studied a Bachelor of Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art and is about to undertake a Master of Art (Painting) at the Royal College of Art.

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