Woven as One

Posted on October 29, 2013

The Orbweavers discuss sharing a lifelong creative entity.

Stuart: It was the eve of the much-anticipated Super Moon in June 2013: when the moon is closest to the earth during orbit (perigee) and is also full. Marita was working in Cremorne, a Melbourne suburb just north of the Yarra River. I was walking along the Merri Creek in East Brunswick, and noticed the moon rising in the east.
I texted Marita a short message: Moon.
Marita arrived home shortly after, animated with discovery. She had photos to show me, taken on her ambles through the lanes and back streets of Cremorne and Richmond. Among them were images of the partially-demolished historic 1905 Dimmeys department store, and an impressive moon rising over the former 1909 Bryant & May match factory building.
That evening, Marita and I began discussing the history of Melbourne’s northern river suburbs, which experienced rapid and dramatic change post-European settlement. Cremorne was a suburb of garden villa blocks in the 1840s, then became an amusement park and later a lunatic asylum, followed by industrial development through the 20th century. Eventually it transformed into the sought-after commercial and residential dwellings of today. Marita and I both spent younger days in the area, most memorably visiting the iconic Dimmeys store
to buy discounted socks and underwear. We were saddened by the partial loss of this icon.

Marita Dyson is a graduate of University of Melbourne and Stuart Flanagan is a graduate of La Trobe University.

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