Tom Bresolin — Recent Works

Posted on July 22, 2012

Tom Bresolin is a self confessed anarchist, using art to try and explore societal power structures.

I am an anarchist artist working in south London. I try to reconcile my hatred of capitalism with my understanding of how to get by in a capitalist society. I openly advocate insurrection and revolution as valid tools of liberation, while understanding that this statement is totally invalid without detailed explanation. I wish an end to oppression, exploitation and suffering without knowing how this could be achieved.
I use art as a field to explore underlying power structures and in particular how governments and revolutionaries use violence as a force for destabilization and change, as well as to enforce and maintain power. In my performance work the psychological response from the audience and the participants is equally important as the physical act.

Tom Bresolin requested that his area and location of study be withheld.

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