Tia Gillespie — The Last Brother

Posted on September 13, 2012

Tia Gillespie is influenced by fairy tales and fables.

Through the creation of the piece, I preserve that idea in a visual form, frozen in time and memory.
“The Last Brother”, is part of an ongoing series inspired by fairy tales. These works about preserving the images of the fables, runs parallel with another series I am working on to memorialize portraits for animals that have passed away or disappeared. My pieces are process driven, starting with the want to pay tribute to something.
While reading “The Wild Swans” by Hans Christian Anderson, I imagined scenes becoming paintings. This piece illustrates the last of 12 princes’ to be transformed from swans back into human form. His sister, the princess, wove each brother a jacket of nettle, to break the curse. The 12th brother’s jacket was incomplete leaving him with one wing. The beauty that he held when still a swan was the image I held in my mind and thus transferred to the paper.
Eventually, the swan that I used as subject for this portrait, will pass on and this painting will be a testament to its beauty and its life.
I am drawn to imagine the creation of pieces from my thoughts, but the physical building of the piece is my motivation. The act of recording and creating the image I want to preserve.

Tia Gillespie studied Drawing & Painting with a minor in Art History at OCAD University.

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