Thibault Zimmer — Cohesions

Posted on March 29, 2014

Thibault Zimmer underlines connections between people and other integrated elements.

It’s always interesting to see how people act and react to things. I really try use art as a way to connect with various communities. I grew up in a country whose language I did not know at first. With this said, I communicated primarily with visuals, and then I realized I was creating art. Today, my work aims to underline the connection and links between people amongst themselves and with other newly integrated elements — such as technology, for instance. I push to redefine my own artistic boundaries by creating works that deal figuratively and conceptually with dialogue, as a foundation for meaningful human social connection. Essentially, the works I tend to create are very much investigative of social interactions and how we, as cultured beings, perceive those.

Thibault Zimmer studied Art Education at Concordia University.

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