Shooting the underwater project in the Cook Islands

The Ocean Scares and Comforts Me

Posted on October 23, 2013

Mark Tipple captures another side of the story.

I used to get told to shut up more than not.
My catch phrase was (and still is), ‘If you’re not doing what you want to be paid for, how are potential clients going to know what you want to get paid to do?’
Mostly this received a blank look. Eyes would glaze over before rolling, or if I got lucky it’d be a ‘huh?’ to which I could clarify what I was on about. But clarity has never been my strong point.
Increasingly, this industry is getting tough. Budgets are dropping and we see the race for the bottom while the margins between ‘us and them’ grow; it’s enough to apply for nightfill at Coles so I can at least still surf in the mornings.
Personal projects have always been the way to make it, but what the hell is a personal project?

Mark Tipple is a graduate of The Sydney Film School.

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