The Joys of Teaching

Posted on July 15, 2013

Chris Lyons shares his experience and joy in helping young designers realise their creative potential.

I got into teaching to make a difference. I didn’t have great professional guidance many years ago at my university and it left me lacking. No road map to a successful career. No focus. Then I got an internship at Milton Glaser’s studio in New York City and I saw what was possible. Here’s a man who is an icon in the creative world, has a global reputation, unparalleled skills as a designer, thinker, and illustrator, and yet he was most at home as a teacher. Whether it was at the School of Visual Arts, or with all the quivering interns on Tuesdays at 5:00pm in his library in the studio on East 32nd St., he was a generous mentor and an inspiration. I wanted to someday be that person who inspired and opened eyes and dished it up unvarnished but with great enthusiasm and warmth.

Chris Lyons teaches at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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