The Art of Bruno Pasqualini

Posted on February 21, 2014

Bruno Pasqualini shares a selection of works.

Bruno started his career in Italy, traveled half way around the world in the sixties and settled in Australia in the seventies.  His painterly work of pure abstraction is full on and uncompromising, while retaining the colorist’s concern with poetic statements within the realm of personal vision.
His paintings begin at the point of gesture and intuition rather than from an idea.
While much of Bruno’s work seems non figurative, it is hugely human in its tone and appearance.
His work is simultaneously abstract and representational, symbolic and figurative.

“My most significant achievement as an artist would be to bridge the conceptual aspirations of the late sixties in Italy, to the desire of any Australian artist of European extraction to understand the essence of this land, without forgetting or denying my European descent”.

“The mark left on a white canvas — brush stroke or other — always reconnects me to a life long affinity with Chinese calligraphy and painting.
From a very young age I was inspired by the way a single brushstroke can express the origin of all existence, the root of infinite representations.”

Bruno Pasqualini studied a Bachelor of Art (Painting) at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna and a Bachelor of Education at the The University of Melbourne.

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