Suburbia in Dreams

Posted on June 25, 2012

Lerissa Moodliar uses Flash as a medium to interpret the idea of place.

This is quite an imaginative interpretation of the idea of place or where I live. The main concept here is the role of dreaming as this rich and abundant place that connects everywhere we’ve been and anywhere we can imagine. The dream is the ultimate and infinite place where no law exists. We are free by the nature of the imagination and the limitlessness of our unconscious. Everywhere and everything that’s had a place inside us comes into play within dreaming as it gets tossed around in the mind. The imagery depicted in the dream is often bizarre, a touch whimsical and overall enigmatic. I have discovered through undertaking this project the often repetitious relaying of imagery and sounds that we encounter in the day that reoccur in dreams. To emphasise this quality I have based all images around the one setting (excluding the homepage) and appropriated it in a range of ways (specifically the animation of flickering images) as within the dream this usually happens in an often unpredictable or peculiar manner.
If I had to assign a tagline of some kind I think it would be ‘we’re only here because I dreamt us up’.

Lerissa Moodliar studied a Bachelor of Communications (Writing and Cultural Studies) at University of Technology Sydney.

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