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Stuart Whitton — Pencil Drawings

Posted on August 12, 2012

Stuart Whitton meticulously draws ethereal illustrations of human forms, objects and typographic elements.

Stuart Whitton began to express himself creatively at a young age, by drawing various elements from his imagination and his surroundings.
Using traditional mediums he creates imagery tailored to his perceptions. A careful discretion of detail is utilised to develop a visually appealing relationship between meticulously drawn ethereal illustrations of the human form, objects and typographical elements.
His influences lie in the process of image construction, form, and surreal ambiguity with a preference towards detailed tonal qualities true to the realistic.
The work is a direct representation of his personality and inspiration, which can be identified in the smallest details.

Stuart Whitton studied a Bachelor of Art with Honours (Graphic Design) at the West Wales School of the Arts.

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