Stephanie Toro — Recent Works

Posted on March 7, 2014

Stephanie Toro explores surfaces with unseen internal structures.

My work examines notions of containment and abstraction. I am fascinated with surfaces and the unseen internal structures that support these surfaces. Through the mixture of vibrant colors, pliable fabrics, and durable materials, I create dynamically linear structures that exist in junction with sculpture, drawing and architecture. I explore the opposing states of ideas from harmony and utopia, to broken, dystopian structures and deteriorating forms. Each sculpture I produce becomes a response to the previous. Through my work I play with the perceived idea of perfection and the reality that nothing last forever, by making pieces that echo decay and violence while also juxtaposing them with pristine sculptures.

Stephanie Toro is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Sculpture) at University of California Santa Cruz.

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