Stef and Jess Dadon — ‘How Two Live’

Posted on March 18, 2013

Kate Carey looks at RMIT graduates and fashion bloggers, Stef and Jess Dadon.

How Two Live” — yep, I could take some tips from the Dadon sisters and spend my life travelling the world looking fabulous. Stef and Jess, the two sisters behind the “How Two Live” blog seem to have the right idea about how to spend their days.
The popular blog was born when Stef, an RMIT fashion student, relocated to Paris to continue study. While the blog was centred around Stef’s travels and keeping in touch with Jess (obviously, through posts of their outfits) — Stef has since returned back to Melbourne. So what now, since the original blog idea is no longer there? In my opinion, it only gets better.
Now that Jess and Stef are both in Melbourne, the outfit collaborations are bigger and better — rocking matchy-matchy outfits from some of Australia’s best designers such as Alice McCall, Shakuhachi and Stylestalker.
Many of the popular Australian labels sponsor the sisters to wear their outfits in exchange for the enormous amount of publicity the blog receives. In my opinion, the success of this blog is based on the fact that many of the pieces worn are affordable for a student budget.
“We would love to dress in high-end brands all the time but they’re so expensive. We usually end up with just a designer pair of sunnies here or there,” the girls have said in a previous interview. (Yes, THE girls, they do nearly everything together remember!)
I guess the lesson in the blog is that as a fashion student it is important to radiate creativity in all aspects of life. For the Dadon sisters this is seen in their quirky style, their innovative blog concept, and their passion to make it big in the industry in more than one way.
The two still live on opposite sides of Melbourne and have a split wardrobe — so not everything is synonymous. Just most things, like their impeccable style and love of all things fashion.
Once completing their studies at RMIT, Stef and Jess said they would love to open their own fashion store under the name “House of Dadon.” We can’t wait for that one!

Kate Carey is studying a Diploma of Applied Fashion and Design at Kangan Institute and is a writer at ProjectProject.

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