Stacey Croucher — If Walls Could Talk

Posted on July 23, 2012

Stacey Croucher investigates a gigantic, deserted house, wondering about all the things its walls must have heard…

‘If Walls Could Talk’ is a series of ten 20”x30” digital photographs showcasing the deserted interior spaces of the oldest and largest house in the Newfoundland Eastport Peninsula town of Burnside, formally known as Squid Tickle. The house, built in 1912, stands vacant today, surviving only on the strength of its abiding memories of inhabitants long gone.
I explored this captivating house for three days in May of 2011. As soon as I entered through the rickety side door, I was overwhelmed by an aura of someone’s past. This house wanted to tell me a story; a story of love, life and family; the story of a home. From lonely teacups still hanging in a grid- like pattern on the wall, to motionless beds longing for someone’s company, the eerie silence seemed out of place here. I could only imagine all the wonderful sounds, voices and music these walls must had heard…if walls could talk.

Stacey Croucher studied a Bachelor of Fine Art (Photography major and minor in Printmaking) at OCAD University.

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