Seviora Citra — Buzzing Bees

Posted on April 22, 2013

Seviora Citra creates science-based education for Ugandan students.

The aim of the project is to design and provide a set of classroom science-based educational resources for Ugandan primary students.
My book, titled Buzzing Bees, responds to a set of questions about pollination asked by a student. I chose this topic because of its value to the students and because crop production is vital to Uganda’s economy. The knowledge in the book is directly related to their context, where they can apply their learning in day-to-day life experiences.
In response to the questions, I researched, wrote and designed a pop-up educational storybook, which could be sent to the students and kept for future reference. Science-based facts are revealed through a simple storyline, illustrated with information graphics that explain pollination. The content informs the students about the pollination process, how it is important to farmers and why bees are excellent pollinators. The educational content is enriched by paper mechanisms, such as flaps, pop-ups and pull out tabs, making it an engaging visual learning experience for students. Therefore, the book is designed to delightfully educate the children.

Seviora Citra is studying a Bachelor of Design (Honours) at Swinburne University of Technology.

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