Sean Davidson — Recent Works

Posted on April 3, 2014

Sean Davidson mixes digital and traditional drawing and illustration.

Sean is a freelance illustrator, with a broad interest of the industry. His illustrations are always evolving; whether working strictly digital or starting out with a base of traditional drawings completed strictly with graphite, he has now branched out to including marker, colour pencils and watercolour paint, with digital elements incorporated afterwards.

Recent works include:
1. Demons
“Demons” started out as something entirely different. I love to draw women in general; it’s a theme that carries through in a lot of my work. I wanted to try something new with this illustration and couldn’t wrap my head around what I wanted to convey with it. After a few days, I fell asleep while watching Pan’s Labyrinth and had a dream of a woman with hands where her feet should be, chasing me on all fours. I woke up in the middle of the night and immediately finished this off while the images were still fresh and vivid in my mind.
2. Affection
A spiritual successor to my other illustration, “Demons.” I wanted to use this as a means to really push myself in terms of painting realistic skin tones while still trying to achieve a discomfort in the viewer by combining the aspects of sex appeal and disfigurement. The eye of the view will travel and take in the beauty of the woman’s body, but what they will remember and stay fixated on will be the hands where the feet should be, and the goat skull.
3. Muse
This model is a friend of mine by the name of Ewok Gia, and she’s a great model for illustrations. She’s become a fixture in a lot of my work and is definitely a muse of mine – hence the title of this illustration. While working on this, I wanted to do much more with it and decided to try playing around with my abstract elements; incorporating lines and shapes to achieve balance. Realistic depiction of skin textures was definitely a goal in this piece, but pushing myself out of my usual comfort zone much more-so.
4. Tehononniáhkwen
The first of a series for a big commission project I have been working on. The client wanted to have the old school look of a Pow Wow dancer with the classic regalia, while making it modern at the same time. I decided to desaturate the skin tones as a means of really showcasing the gorgeous colours that the dancers include in their regalia for the Pow Wows. This is a project I hold really dear to my heart, because I’ve been wanting to do a project based on my culture for a really long time and never had the time or idea to make it come together. This was a means of doing so.
5. Rotshennón:ni
The second of the series I’m working on currently. I really wanted to push the colours more with a more complex colour palette and much more beadwork that can really bring out a dancer’s outfit when you take the time to admire it.

Sean Davidson studied Illustration & Design at Dawson College.

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