Ruby Aitken — A Manual For Photography

Posted on August 20, 2013

Ruby Aitken creates a photography manual through A1 poster.

‘A Manual For Photography’ was an Honours project based around the learning of manual photography combined with the principles of information design. The final outcome was an A1 folded poster and an interactive prototype.
When asking the question: ‘Through information design, how might one educate and effectively communicate the fundamentals of manual photography?’ I was able to explore the ways communication design can assist how we digest and retain information. I wanted to share my passion for photography with everyone that never had the chance, or found it too difficult to learn the fundamentals and get inspired by this great invention.
Within my studio practice I was able to explore the theories associated with information design, in particular universality and functionality. The project’s connection and overall function was established through my investigations and research into pictograms, grid structures, written communication styles, legibility and the impact of colour.

Ruby Aitken studied a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) with Honours at Monash University.

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