Rosetta Lake Mills — The Herman Melville Collection

Posted on April 18, 2013

Rosetta Lake Mills creates a typographic response to the work of Herman Melville.

This unit of study involved the selection of a lyric and the creation of a small publication illustrating the text. The subject involved tuition in the areas of typography, format, layout, flow of text and had a specific focus on the idea of a book being a product. We were given a lot of freedom in all areas of this project from our choice of lyric to all decisions involving the design of the book. I really liked this method of teaching and found the feedback I received from the Professor extremely helpful.
For my publication, I chose a selection of works by American Author Herman Melville (best known for his novel Moby Dick). Although different in many respects, each of the works were bound together by the uniting theme of nature and man’s impact on it. I decided to divide the works into two separate books, one containing a short story entitled The Lightning Rod Man and the other including a selection of short poems. To maintain a sense of unity between the two publications, I chose a clean, simple design setting Avenir in only one size and two weights. Another factor that carried through both of the books were the images I used. They were all created by scanning ripped and crunched pieces of cardboard and inverting the images using Photoshop. I found this process very interesting and I found the ensuing images represented slightly abstracted landscapes which I thought due fully communicated the feelings behind the text.

Rosetta Lake Mills
studied a Bachelor of Communication (Communication Design) at Swinburne University and FH Mainz.

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