Rosetta Lake Mills — Fabrik, a Futuristic Fraktur Font

Posted on April 16, 2013

Rosetta Lake Mills composes a modular, display typeface by composing three angles and two elements.

I created this typeface as a part of FH Mainz’ introductory class in Modular Type Design with Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen. Much of the unit was taken up with learning both the software and the process used to design a typeface. However despite this I still had sufficient time to properly develop a concept for my type. The brief requested the creation of a modular, display typeface with a full set of Standard Latin glyphs. The typeface I designed, Fabrik is a modular futuristic fraktur font suitable for display at large sizes. Inspired both by classic German Fraktur fonts and the grid-based type design of Wim Crouwel. The typeface itself is composed using only three angles, two elements and fits into a pre-defined grid structure. The nature of the font lends itself to display at a larger size however great results can be achieved by using a small number of glyphs at smaller sizes. Fabrik is best used when tracking is not altered due to both the gridded nature of the glyphs and the inclusion of an extensive range of ligatures. Along with the typeface itself, we were encouraged to design a Type Specimen and poster. I took this further and also developed a small giveaway card and concertina pamphlet as ephemeral advertising material.

Rosetta Lake Mills
studied a Bachelor of Communication (Communication Design) at Swinburne University and FH Mainz.

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