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Rickie Cheung — Exchange through a ‘Forestair’

Posted on July 19, 2012

Rickie Cheung creates an urban space concept designed to encourage visiting, meeting, gathering and exchanging.

Growing up in the urban fabric of Hong Kong and Edinburgh, the juxtaposing qualities of architecture embedded within the two culturally diverse cities have naturally influenced the way I  interpret and respond to my surrounding environment. I believe in order to ‘make good’ in architecture, one must first engage and have a succinct understanding of the cultural and geological context. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have explored matters through various mediums and technologies ranging from hand drawn studies to digital animations.
‘Exchange through a ‘Forestair’  was my final undergraduate project which explored and questioned the limits concerning the documentation of buildings.
The design brief called for the injection of new public circulation into the existing Edinburgh City Chambers (previously known as the Royal Exchange) through the re-programming of existing functions and the establishment of a new public route which will re-connect Cockburn St. and the High Street.  The main concept of this project revolved around the designing of a new ‘Forestair’ element (commonly found in  historic Scottish tenements). The final proposal aims to reinstate the Edinburgh City Chambers as a place to visit, gather, meet and to exchange.

Rickie Cheung studied a Master of Arts (Honours) Architecture from the University of Edinburgh and is about to commence a Master of Architecture at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

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