Episode One


Featured Artists/Musicians.

Ren Rizzolo
Song 1: You
Song 2: Beside Me
Song 3: Alright
Song 4: Through With You


Madeleine Wood — Vocals
Anthony Haydon — Bass
Michael Potts — Drums
Tony Phanvongsa — Guitar
Song 1: Restroom Walls
Song 2: Shanti
Song 3: Stand By

Sunk Junk
Adrian Burruto — Vocals, Guitar
Chris Hay — Vocals, Guitar
Josh Anderson — Drums
Adrian Madigan  Bass
Song 1: Jr.
Song 2: Wazu


Catarina Moreno
Song 1: Anyway
Song 2: He Comes and Goes
Song 3: Dead Birds




David Cope
David Cope is Dickerson Emeriti Professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz where he teaches theory and composition, and Honorary Professor of Computer Science at Xiamen University (China). He also teaches regularly in the annual Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music (WACM) held in June-July at UC Santa Cruz.
Song 1: Vortex
Song 2: Sonata Movement (After Beethoven)


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