The Seasonal Collection

In 2014, we curated works that represent the Melbourne seasons illustrating our local creative life and Melbourne’s overall creative influence globally.
By exploring Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, we investigated how artistic endeavours change over the course of the year and are affected by the seasons. Our contributors are from many walks of life, including photographers, writers, illustrators, scientists and filmmakers.
We also launched the 2014 collection of Overcoat magazines.
The Undercoat Seasonal Collection was supported by the City of Melbourne, as a recipient of their Annual Arts Grants Program.

No Vacancy Gallery (QV GALLERY)
34 – 40 Jane Be ll Lane, Melbourne, 3000
Dates: 10 – 24 December, 2014

Featured Artists include:
April Wright
Daniel Giffin
Duncan Meerding
Eevien Tan
Hayley Walker
Jessica Tremp
Loretta Lizzio
Ness Flett
Nipun Srivastava
Phoebe Harkness
Salvador Morales
Shelley Horan
Sunny Nyssen
Tinja Berg
Vicky Kanellopoulos

+ 2014 Overcoat magazine collection.