Overcoat Issue Seven: Editorial

Posted on October 21, 2013

We introduce Overcoat Issue Seven: Collaboration.

Collaboration is a topic I have always wanted to explore in detail. My work as a designer involves helping others to evolve their ideas into some kind of visual communication narrative, or other outcome. My work is not self-generated: it is always on behalf of, or because of, other people — I view this differently to the concept of being an artist, and have never considered myself one. I like the collaborative process and it allows me the opportunity to interact with other knowledgeable and interesting people who encourage me to think in different ways and approach a variety of themes and topics.

Collaboration, and all of the things it can achieve, also comes with its challenges. Personality types, differing opinions and changing objectives can all affect the development of a project beyond its original intentions, and this evolution is equally as interesting to analyse as the outcomes themselves.

The purpose of this issue is to highlight how wonderful collaborations can be. We all possess our own set of skills, but it is often in collaboration with another that our ideas can evolve into something truly special. Through this same process, we can also end up in difficult territory, affecting us both professionally and personally. In my design experience, this risk vs reward scenario has been worth taking to progress myself professionally, and I will continue to push its potential.

Exploring the collaborative process through the many different perspectives offered in this issue has been as interesting and insightful as I could have hoped. It has been wonderful to see our initial communications and responses from contributors evolve an incredibly diverse issue. Personally, it has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my own process of collaboration and consider the objectives for the magazine as a whole. Overcoat, by its nature, relies on collaboration to be successful: collaboration between the contributors and collaboration between the staff. Seeing the magazine develop over the past two years has been my most proud accomplishment to date. Every lesson I have learned is one I will keep with me, refining my own collaborative process as Overcoat continues to evolve.

— Pete Saunders.

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