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Overcoat Issue Five: Love — Editorial

Posted on March 26, 2013

Some words from our editor, Pete Saunders introducing Overcoat Issue Five: Love.

There could not be a more fitting theme for this issue of Overcoat.
As we pass the first anniversary of Undercoat/Overcoat, it gives reason to pause and reflect. Alexandra has left to pursue new avenues in her editorial work and personal life. She just got married, completing her work/life/love combo. We’re so thankful for her hard work and hope to see her name up in lights, very soon.
Throughout the year, trying to balance full time work, freelance work, magazine contributors, marketing, social media growth, editing and design duties, there were times when the input wasn’t matched by the output and ‘throwing in the towel’ seemed like the only option.
But whenever things seemed at their worst, something special landed in our inbox. Each time we received a contribution from a student, an expression of interest or an article for the magazine, it reaffirmed our conviction in what we are doing and why. Our passion and love for this project keeps things going whenever they seem to stagnate. The honeymoon period is well and truly over, but the future is bright for us and I am confident for our ongoing success.
Anyone who has embarked on a large-scale personal project (creative or otherwise) will relate to this. While perseverance is a strong motivating factor, deep down there needs to be something more to pull you through those hard times. For many of us, it’s the passionate involvement we feel with our own work; the reminder of what we set out to achieve and why. In the present issue, each of our contributors has been kind enough to express their thoughts on the concept of ‘love’ in its most encompassing meaning. Whether it’s the subject matter or a reflection on a traditional notion, our interpretations of love are unique and can be expressed in any number of ways. For this reason, we have widened our net of contributors to invite responses from a variety of people — from those in the early stages of their careers, to those who have become icons of their field. We attempted to get a cross-section of what it means to love, both personally and professionally.
Finally, taking the reigns as both editor and designer of the magazine, I want to thank everyone who has contributed their work over the last year. It has filled me with genuine joy and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Read our contributors’ thoughts about Love and how it affects their lives and work in Overcoat Issue Five: Love.

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