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Outside Lines

Posted on June 13, 2012

Jason McCloskey integrates traditional woodworking, outside adventure, and ski making into the design of contemporary furniture objects.

Lines and silhouettes of forms in landscape play a big role in my most current body of work. The work grows out of memories of my time spent on the rivers and in the canyons of the Southwest U.S. The grandness of the canyon walls, the vastness of the landscape are what I see when I interact with these pieces. I strive to create a moment in my work that connects me to the feeling that I have experienced in my adventures outside. But, my hope for my work is that others take away their own feelings and experiences with these objects.  As my time outside has influenced, my furniture design my craft has also influence my outdoor life. I began making skis with the same attention to detail that my furniture receives. I strive to create custom fitted one-of-a-kind skis that help enhance a skiers experience on the snow. Also, coming from a traditional furniture making background my designs and objects have an underlying thread of traditional craft.

Jason McCloskey studied a Master of Fine Art (Furniture Design) at the Rhode Island School of Design and an Apprenticeship under James Bowie at the Masterpiece School of Furniture.

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