On Location

Posted on March 24, 2012

On location with one of South-East Asia’s premiere models.

It’s the fabricated locations that are the real folly. The magic of set design, lighting and a bunch of models can transform a space into anything. You never know what kind of set you’re going to walk into first thing in the morning — a dance studio, an apartment, a café or a rave. It’s easy to see it’s fake when you’re there, but the viewer is completely discounted from any reality outside of what the camera sees. While I can see the lady-boy taking a nap on the edge of set or the extras bitching about what a long day it is, none of this makes it to the screen. The viewer sees the moment only through the lens and whatever lies beyond that is left to their imagination.

Learn more about the nitty gritty of modeling world from Miranda’s perspective in Overcoat Issue One: Location.

(additional photos taken by Ruud Baan, Clayton Brannon and Suryanty Thoeng)

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