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Nicolas Feldmeyer — The Elsewhere

Posted on August 12, 2012

Nicolas Feldmeyer assumes a natural connectedness between seemingly separate entities.

Often expressed in deceptively simple gestures, Nicolas Feldmeyer’s work opens a contemplative perspective onto the world.
Ranging from miniature postcard collages to monumental public art pieces, from digital prints to short videos, the works seem to invite the viewer to a quest for something clear and essential beyond the accidental distractions of the everyday.
Landscapes, geometry and everyday materials are recurring features in Feldmeyer’s work. Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as archaic monolithic architecture, the Romantic sublime or Taoist teachings, his work articulates a quiet quest for that which lies beyond or before words, assuming a natural connectedness between seemingly separate entities.
Nicolas Feldmeyer was born 1980 in Switzerland. After completing an MSc in architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich he went on to study Fine Arts. First attending the San Francisco Art Institute on a Fulbright Grant, Feldmeyer received an MFA with distinction from the Slade School of Fine Art in London. His work has been exhibited in the USA, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK, and is now part of the UCL Art Museum collection.

Photographs of the ‘Woven Portico’ are by Nick Rochowski.

Nicolas Feldmeyer studied a Master of Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art.

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