Minkyung Kim — Recent Works

Posted on August 20, 2012

Minkyung Kim has a curiosity about ubiquitous parts of daily life.

Spotlighting and subverting the ubiquitous every day routine is the main idea of my work. To elaborate on the repetition that I would centre the moments, actions or objects of normal everyday life in this modernized society (rules, conventions and morals).
My works started from the curiosity of uncanny view in quotidian moments. It was also based on collecting images, objects and record of moments. The curiosity of ubiquitous parts in daily life and developed by capturing the differences in the repetitive life.
Displaying the ordinary moment in unusual way, it deducts the close up synthesis movements in the scenes. Amfliying our routines in everyday life, and highlight the differences and oddness from repetitive personal daily urban movements and moments.

Minkyung Kim studied a Bachelor of Fine Art (Fine Art Painting) at Seoul Women’s University and a Master of Fine Art (Fine Art Media) at Slade School of Fine Art.

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