Meaghan Barry — Untitled/Sketches

Posted on September 25, 2012

Meaghan Barry shares glimpses into the underbelly, trying to find a balance between the outward appearance and the monster within.

Numbed by social niceties, aims for perfection, and desire to be the ideal; a case of the American dreams. Glossy exteriors, shallow conversations and putting on a happy face preserve the myths of adult life, but what goes unsaid and unseen? Glimpses into the underbelly, where the id fully indulges is infinitely more interesting than the emotionless, pristine surface of society. It’s about finding a balance between the controlled outward appearance of ourself and the monster within.

Meaghan Barry
studied a Master of Fine Art (2D Design) at Cranbrook Academy of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Communications Design) at Pratt Institute.

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