Matt Adam — Pardon Le Dopeness

Posted on January 3, 2013

Matt Adam presents Pardon Le Dopeness, a unisex lifestyle/fashion brand.

I remember the first time I got arrested for art, it was a life changing experience. It was the day that I had to decide if this was the life for me. I had to ask myself “Would you risk your freedom to show people what you have learnt or can learn?” My surface was telling me to forget about it and just move on. My inner was telling me it was the right thing. It’s so hard to make that decision when there are factors such as family, friends, money, relationships and so on to take into consideration. I said fuck it, put everything aside, and jumped into the oblivion. I learnt so much about myself, others, and human psychology on so many levels that I now saw the world in a different light. I used to come home sometimes after a cop chase in the freezing cold, blowing rainbows out of my nose and Varsol spilling everywhere trying to take the paint off of my hands and fingernails. Shit got real. I knew this was for me and nothing would stop me from reaching my goals. My artwork is my life. A lot of people say this but ain’t about this life. I have never been comfortable showing my artwork, ideas, or graphic design work to the public. I always thought of different ways to do something to face my fears of what people thought about me by expressing my creativity. I wanted to create something which would enable me to be transparent with the people but at the same time be able to hide behind it. I started playing around with ideas and names after high school but never put my mind into it until I dropped out. There was no real business plan at the beginning I just went with it and decided I would never ever look back. I started a company three years ago called Pardon Le Dopeness or PLD, whatever you want to call it, after dropping out of University. There’s nothing to be scared about in this life. Let the demons out. Be one with demons. Be the demon.

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