Marijka Gooding— Strange Behaviour

Posted on July 24, 2013

Marijka Gooding compiles a series of short graphic stories from everyday experiences.

Completed as part of the Honours program at Monash, Strange Behaviour is an autobiographical style graphic novel compiling a series of short stories drawn from my everyday experience. Retold through the eyes of a six-inch version of myself, the stories emphasize the ridiculousness of the world and encourage others to take stock in their surroundings and appreciate the subtle ironies hidden in the mundane. Strange Behaviour aims to celebrate the joy in the small wins and laugh at the small dramas.
All the stories are set in and around Victoria and the book itself is offset printed in Melbourne on locally sourced stock, so I am proud to say that it is 100% local!

Marijka Gooding studied a Diploma of Illustration from North Melbourne Institute of TAFE, Bachelors and Honours Degree in Visual Communication & Design at Monash University.

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