Makoto Iwaki — Block

Posted on March 25, 2014

Makoto Iwaki creates a dress from the simple shape of a block.

This dress is the thing in which many small parts which made the block the design concept combined.
This work is the 1st work of this series.
The way of thinking was obtained from a technique called “Kumiki” which the tree not using the nail used for wooden Japanese architecture combines, and the stone bridge built only by prudence not using adhesives.
The part has a form where the projection is united and attached to the main part of a square form with a hole.
And parts combine by inserting the part in two or more usage, and inserting a projection in a hole. Since it is structure of non-sewing of only inserting the projection in a hole, dissociating is also easy.
Moreover, this is built by wool felt. Otherwise, it can also make with leather, Japanese paper, etc.
By combining how many, they are a bracelet, a necklace, a hat, a book jacket, a bag, a dress, etc… A fashion, interior design, stationery, etc. can make various things according to the way of thinking.
Combination of these parts carries out such a powerful combination that it does not separate simply even if it applies the strong power in which it is added by everyday motion. However, insertion and separation can be easily performed so that the button of a shirt may be attached and may be removed and carried out.
Therefore, it can make also from people without the technology which makes clothes from a child to an old man easily.
In order to get such people to enjoy craftsmanship and to get them to feel a fashion more familiar, I manufactured this work.

Makoto Iwaki is studying a Bachelor of Fashion at Sugino Fashion College, Japan.