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Love, Hope and Styling

Posted on April 1, 2013

Connel Chiang discusses ‘When love is the glue that keeps dedication stuck to our sides’.

This hope made me call the fashion editor of the Herald Sun newspaper to ask about being involved in their fashion photography. At the time I didn’t know that ‘fashion stylist’ was an occupation that existed and had no idea how the industry was structured. Nevertheless, I called and asked questions. I talked with creative agencies, then to a stylist, and found myself working on a big fashion campaign shoot a week later. During this shoot I was so nervous that I burnt a hole in a very ugly top (which, as you can imagine, was not looked upon favourably!) Despite the blunder, it was apparent that there was more for me to discover in this world and I wanted in. Before it could happen, however, I had to face the embarrassment of apologising to the stylist in the hope that she would take me back again. That clear and certain hope returned and drove my apology. It’s lucky I listened to it — she took me on and I haven’t looked back.

Connel Chiang studied at RMIT University.

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