Linda Luttinger — Recent Works

Posted on March 30, 2014

Linda Luttinger creates unique universes through the combination of photography and paint.

Linda Luttinger is a visual artist, graphic designer and art educator, living and working in Montreal. At a young age she never imagined pursuing a career other then in the visual arts. For over four years now, she has been working on two series of works: ‘Urban Illusions’, in which she juxtaposes photographs and vintage magazines pages with colorful and painterly landscapes.; and ‘The Lost Animals’, a series of dark yet ironic visual fables concerning the consequences of industry on our ecosystems. Working with a combination of various mediums such as oil, acrylic, collage, graphite and ink, her process constantly evolves and changes. She conceives her compositions with multiple depths, creating the illusion of a three dimensional painting. Each artwork is a separate, unique universe.

Linda Luttinger studied a Bachelor of Fine Art (Art Education) at Concordia University.

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