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Leah Thompson — Aqua

Posted on July 9, 2012

Leah Thompson draws on the delicate nature of water to create tranquil, delicate fashion-based photography.

Aqua is a reflection of the Beijing Olympics through the representation of the Aquatic Sporting events, with water as the focal point of inspiration. The delicate nature of the ebb and flow of a body of water is conveyed through subtle and beautiful movement, providing the essence of tranquil serenity. Through the use of a hired underwater camera housing system, images captured the graceful gliding, twisting, turning and swimming actions of the model. The incorporation of delicate floating fabrics designed by Whitehouse Fashion Students added an extra dimension of movement to the shoot. Makeup was applied by with specific intention to reduce the risk of smearing within the water and withstood the 3hr duration. The use of natural lighting provided beautiful shadows and highlighted elements such as the gradual ascent of bubbles to the surface of the water.

Photographer: Ryan Pike
Styling and Creative Direction: Leah Thompson
Model: Nadine Silva
Makeup: Sarah Ann McCarthy
Hair: Chris Lau

Leah Thompson is studying a Bachelor of Design (Styling and Creative Direction) at the Whitehouse Institute of Design.

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