Laura Rokas Berube — Recent Works

Posted on March 26, 2014

Laura Rokas Berube balances illusion and reality through 2D hyper real figuration.

The foundation of my artistic practice is based on 2D hyper real figuration. I am interested in the balancing act between illusion and reality and often use humour as a device to connect with my audience. I am absorbed in the analysis of the world around me; eagerly observing and mimicking my surroundings while placing an emphasis on odd nuances. I’m at once attracted to and repelled by the idea of representing reality while I attempt to decipher what is in fact real and what is illusion.
My artistic practice is very process driven. The course of action taken to arrive at a final painting is just as important, if not more so, than the painting itself. My interest in optical illusion often pushes me to work with the technical and conceptual levels of each piece. I’ve spent time recently applying my experience with different materials and creating facsimiles of figurative and abstract images through sculptures, photographs and paintings while exploring the link between these media.
I have a fascination with objects and collecting- the study of our relationships with our material belongings. My ability to make these facsimiles becomes homage to the trinkets that I am attached to. I am constantly adding to a reserve of images (digital, analog) and bits and pieces to my collection of found and purchased objects that I accept into my life by an intuitive leap of faith. These collections become the basis of my inspiration as I try to decipher the attraction that I have to them and how I can distort them to transform their likeness into something other than a traditional still life by means of anthropomorphism. As well as being autobiographical, my work often references pop culture and art history by nodding to the works of artists such as Ed Ruscha(text, satire), Philip Guston (still life, artist persona) and David Hockney (color, space).
My paintings are a study of colour, materials (organic vs. mechanical/man-made) and relief; an indulgence in creating illusion through 3 dimensional rendering, as well as a reference to surrealism, figuration and abstraction. This work follows a trend of repeated imagery. The same images reoccur in different forms and create a visual rhythm. I find myself constantly isolating and fetishizing the object at hand as I push my fascination with the materials further.

Laura Rokas Berube studied Painting and Drawing at Concordia University, Canada.

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