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Kristen Hancock — BJBall Papers

Posted on July 3, 2013

Kristen Hancock promotes a new range of paper through a designed love affair.

My approach to the brief from BJBall Paper for The Cordenons Group was created to seduce the designer and other viewers to use the four different ranges of paper, Plike, Notturno, Stardream and Moondream. I decided to create a scenario were the paper took on an alluring character, convincing the viewer to have a love affair ultimately with The Cordenons Group paper range. The love notes begin with the first envelope, these envelopes would all be opened in sequence, encouraging a secretive element, eventually revealing the love affair. They continue with a visual poster with a further suggestion in a smaller envelope, finishing with an irresistible proposition.

Kristen Hancock is studying Communication Design at RMIT University.

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