Posted on January 19, 2013

Sez Wilks is Kikuyu. She discusses freedom through the manipulation of traditional form.

Finding audiences for my music is another goal. To this end, things driving me are expression and exploration — traits of digital culture and the ‘attention economy’. I can’t escape the fact that I’m making music in an environment where content is increasingly abundant and available, and people’s attention spans are getting shorter (David Byrne has a lot of interesting things to say about how music adapts to fit its changing context). In addition to the joy I get from being onstage, embodying music through live performance is necessary to capture an audience’s attention. I’m personally not interested in making and releasing music that I can’t play live. I feel it is important that potential audiences are about to find and hear my music. Respecting that the Australian audience for lo-fi pop songs is (by international standards) fairly small, ensuring my music is discoverable by audiences around the world is also important to me.

Click here to download and keep a copy of Overcoat Issue Four: Freedom.

Sez Wilks/Kikuyu studied at The University of Melbourne.

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