Karen Lederer — Showroom

Posted on July 16, 2012

Karen Lederer works aross mediums to create extravagant, textured paintings and prints.

I play at the intersection of art and design. By combining textile skills, such as surface design and machine knitting, with painting and printing, I create a conversation across disciplines. Defiantly anti-minimalist, the art celebrates extravagant color and pattern. My recent paintings explore dimensional still lifes and my prints focus on flat patterns. Moving between printing, painting, and knitting, I build and present an intuitive, irrational voice.
My art offers a proposal for a way of living. Rejecting the model of stark, modernist space, it revels in excess. It acknowledges a deep human need to adorn our surroundings. We find ourselves in our possessions. Through the juxtaposition of patterns and objects, we construct a malleable self-portrait. As our identity shifts, we find new motifs, like hieroglyphs, to tell our story.

Karen Lederer studied a Bachelor of Fine Art (Printmaking and Drawing) from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Fine Art (Printmaking) from Rhode Island School of Design.

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