Joe Etchell — Three Works From 2011/2012

Posted on July 17, 2012

Joe Etchell draws inspiration from intermediate communities in his various video works.

Although the virtual and physical worlds are ostensibly polar opposites, the two are becoming increasingly reliant upon each other. The symbiotic nature of these worlds is defining the way in which we live our lives; convergence culture has provided real time engagement with our virtual selves and our immediate social circle.  The old restrictions of distance and physical place have been replaced with the seemingly flawless world of cyberspace. However, in this seamless world of infinite algorithmic opportunity, it appears we are blinkered to the fact that our lives are becoming devoid of spontaneity, chance and eventuality. As technological advancement accelerates we find physical communities that are trapped within a liminal space, between tradition and this encroaching modernity. These intermediate communities provide the inspiration for my practice.

Bingo Suite: The Deluxe Edition

The Wiki Lecture Series


Joe Etchell studied Multimedia Visual Artist through a Bachelor of Art (Hons) Sculpture First Class Degree at Edinburgh College of Art.

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