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Jeff Colhoun — Recent Works

Posted on February 27, 2014

Jeff Colhoun injects humour into controversial and socially relevant subjects.

My work examines the subject of humor through my eyes. Each image is an exploration of a controversial subject or stereotype. Humor and controversy have always gone together and this work is no exception. There is a title for each image. The title will play a role in how each image is perceived and provide a context for the image. I feel it is important to examine any subject from a perspective of humor, especially in the world we live in where there is an oversensitivity to political correctness. This work is more relevant to a younger Western audience because many of the subjects addressed will have little or no meaning to an older or an international audience. The subjects I cover are controversial and socially relevant. Most subjects are derived from pop culture and have religious or political undertones. I feel it is important to get a rise out of the viewer and these controversial subjects allow me to do so.
The work has been captured digitally and processed using a multitude of available techniques to ensure the work is about what’s in the image rather than how it is printed, processed or manipulated.

Jeff Colhoun studied a Bachelor of Fine Art in photography at Sierra Nevada College and a Master of Fine Art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

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