January Untitled

Posted on April 28, 2012

Samantha Lee shares some recent watercolour work.

I’ve never been shown how to use watercolours ’correctly’. Early works were splashes of water muddled with a dash of pigment with the results looking more like a haphazard chemical mistake than art. Not that that was a negative thing — watercolours can be forgiving; there’s a freedom to experiment & blend in a way that produces an interesting result. The moment when paint meets paper there’s a brief pause, a fluidity between brush and portrait. I want my work to feel ethereal and organic and by working with, rather than against the medium I feel I can create my most expressive work. With a keen interest in French and Japanese animation and surrealist art, my animation practice then involves breathing life into my hand rendered illustrations. In this way I strive to blend the eclectic results from the watercolours with digital animation to further create an organic image. The ’traditional’ and ’digital’ are no longer separate, but hopefully act harmoniously to produce work that blurs the boundaries between the two worlds.

Samantha Lee studied a Bachelor of Digital Media at The College of Fine Arts.

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