It’s the Small Things

Posted on April 29, 2012

Artist Sarah Gilkison shares a small collection of work created all over the globe, during the last two years.

This is my first collection. And I love it. It’s a collaboration of work created over 2 years in Vancouver, Niseko-Japan, Falls Creek and here in good old Melbourne Town.
I want my art to be beautiful and accessible. And according to Jo and Lara from ‘Frankie’ magazine, ‘things of beauty don’t have to be beautiful to everyone’… just one person is enough. So I hope that each of these unique pieces will find someone to love and be loved by. Inspired by my favourite artists and architects Katie Daisy,  Frank Gehry, the impressionists (Degas and Lautrec),  the renaissance masters and nature of course!
I love plants, they keep us alive after all, and sometimes it really is the small ones that are most intriguing.
The small things really are important, whether it be words of comfort, a simple compliment from a stranger; watching the leaves in the wind; a single snowflake or an ‘I love you’ from someone, well, you love.
It’s a little bit dreamy and whimsical… I just let my mind take me away sometimes. For me these works are just the tip of the iceberg, and I look forward to the future and the learning, creativity and adventure that it brings.
As a website is yet to be constructed, please feel free to email me at sasscreations@gmail.com

Sarah Gilkison recently finished her studies at the University of Melbourne and is about to undertake a Bachelor of Fine Art by correspondence at Curtin University.

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