Issue Six Cover — WormHole

Posted on June 19, 2013

Ahead of Overcoat Issue Six: Education, the team behind the cover photo share more of their work.

A WormHole allows a traveler to catch a glimpse of a different universe or connect to the past/or future. As it stands, trans-versing this cosmic shortcut is physically impossible, however, for a fleeting moment a vortex has been captured and stabilized allowing for an unexpected connection to an alternate reality.

Vincent, Lenny and Darryl were commissioned by Billy Blue College of Design to design and fabricate a light installation to be displayed during the Sydney Vivid Festival. WormHole comprises 700 meters of nylon, 3000 hand sewn connections, and black lighting for effect.
Vincent Buret
Darryl Chandler
Lenny Gitonga

Overcoat Issue Six: Education will be available to read at the end of June.

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