Issue One Editorial

Posted on March 24, 2012

Ahead of the release of Overcoat Issue One: Location, editor, Alexandra Gibson introduces us to Undercoat/Overcoat and what we’re trying to achieve.

The motivation behind Undercoat is simply to honour creativity as an essential trade. Like the brain, the world couldn’t function without the right side; it is there to enrich existence and aid in survival. As John Ruskin said, “…industry without art is brutality” and in utter agreement, we hope to lend more recognition to the importance of creative fields, and in particular, creative minds.
Undercoat was started by three creative friends with a deep respect for each other’s work, who were looking to be inspired in their respective fields. We have all invested time in producing creative work ourselves and we have also invested time in sharing it. Together, we wanted a way to present the most inspiring, innovative and beautiful pieces of work we could find, and the most effective way we could think to do that was by casting a wide net globally and presenting the work of students.
Creative industries are growing around the world, and while we want to bring you experiences from those professionals already belonging to them, the focus of Undercoat is to shine a spotlight on the immense talent of the creative student. “Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered — either by themselves or by others,” said Mark Twain. Well, we want to contribute to discovering and sharing that genius. We open up our website to the post-tertiary institutions that teach creative education by featuring the work their students are producing. Whether it be a piece previously submitted for assessment; a piece done for the purpose of self-expression; or a piece done for the purpose of sharing it on the Undercoat forum. We are also hoping that as a bi-product, we will encourage more of a community among creative institutions and their students.
Another limb to Undercoat, is our quarterly magazine, which we are presenting you with today. As part of the process of inspiring, we’ve asked those who are already settled as professionals in creative fields, and some exceptional students, to share their work and their stories with you. To extend on our idea, we have called this Overcoat. Each issue is themed; this one follows the trajectory of “Location”. Each artist has given you a glimpse of their interpretation of the theme that is most relevant to them.
We hope Undercoat lends itself to you as a path to discover more about your passion. For those of you who don’t indulge in a creative medium yourself, we hope you find a place for admiration.

See Overcoat Issue One: Location here!

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