I Spoke To You In Japanese

Posted on April 9, 2012

Photographer Alana Dimou documents a recent trip to Japan through the often unknown and surprising results of a Holga CFN.

In this digital age whereby memories are digitised and images pixelised the notion of the archival capture is fading further and further as an unfortunate “lost cause”. Although I shoot with a DSLR for a lot of work I believe firmly in the notion of the archival still image and carry a film camera whenever possible. A recent trip to Japan produced these photographs; the camera carried by my side was a Holga CFN. It’s a device often frowned upon due to it’s plastic body and temperamental nature but that is by no means a reason to be dismissive. The results this camera produces are always surprising. I feel as though I don’t just point and shoot with this camera but instead suggest an image for it to interpret in its own, special way; each capture is a little sketch rather than simply a photo of what exists before me.

Alana Dimou is studying a Bachelor of Digital Media at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.

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