Hiroyuki Morita — Authentic Essence of Tree

Posted on March 29, 2014

Hiroyuki Morita utilises unused parts of trees as materials for furniture.

The natural essence appeal standardization.
This is a project utilizing thinned wood, a material widely used by architects and designers. There is a problem in the production process of thinned wood, that is that a lot of the material are left unused. In order to increase efficiency, it is essential to solve this problem. As conifer is basically soft and with no strength, it is only suitably utilized as material in large sizes like for architecture. This time however, I plan to utilize the normally unused parts as material for furniture and other miscellaneous goods.
With the products born from this cycle of material, organic spatial-direction becomes possibility for the consumer. Furthermore, each product’s uniqueness gives them a higher much more higher value.

Hiroyuki Morita studied Furniture, Product and Space Design at Nagoya Zokei University.

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