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Heard at a Whisper

Posted on May 14, 2012

Fashion design student, Katherine Eleyce launched Heard at a Whisper in Feburary, 2012. Her work aims to go beyond commercial fads and create timeless designs.

Heard at a Whisper was founded in February 2012 by designer Katherine Eleyce. Heard at a Whisper is the embodiment of enchantment, romanticism and femininity. Collections are compiled of sensual, romantic pieces that transcend commercial fashion fads, resulting in timeless designs. From high day wear to irresistible evening wear, Heard at a Whisper ignites the sensuality within all women and inspires a resurgence of the Age of Emotion.

Katherine Eleyce studies a Bachelor of Design Majoring in Fashion at the Whitehouse Institute of Design.
Photography by Tyrone David.

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