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Hans Clausen — 2012

Posted on July 16, 2012

Hans Clausen investigates materialism, marketing, obsolescence and consumerism through his sculpture work.

I am intrigued by the narrative qualities, associations and provenance of ubiquitous objects, and by the forces of materialism and marketing, consumerism and obsolescence. The interaction between people and material culture is a recurring area of enquiry in my practice; how we make sense of our material world, how we project significance and power into objects, and how the ‘stuff’ that surround us can define us. Through the language of ‘stuff’ my work seeks to explore this interaction, while questioning the relationship between discovering and discarding , thinking and making, authorship and ownership, creator and curator, the ordinary and extra-ordinary.

Hans Clausen studied a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Sculpture) at the Edinburgh College of Art.

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